[Osmf-talk] call for volunteers to serve on the Software Dispute Resolution Panel

Allan Mustard allan.mustard at osmfoundation.org
Wed Jan 6 14:41:10 UTC 2021

The OpenStreetMap Foundation Board of Directors ("Board") wishes to
proceed with creation of a Software Dispute Resolution Panel ("Panel")
made up of volunteer Foundation members who will resolve software
disputes around OpenStreetMap-focused software, whose owners chose this
arbitration. For now, only the iD editor is concerned, but others might
eventually opt in.

In deference to concerns expressed by some community members that the
Board itself would seek to control the outcomes of dispute resolution or
otherwise meddle with the Panel, and considering the offer of the Data
Working Group to assume responsibility for resolving software disputes,
the Board has decided to solicit volunteers from the Foundation
membership for the Panel, but asks that they be nominated by one of the
OSM community's Working Groups. If more than five nominees are presented
to the Board, the Board will select five from among them. The nominees
may be members of a Working Group but that is not a requirement for
service on the Panel. Working Groups are encouraged to recruit
volunteers for the Panel.

If you are willing to assist in resolving software disputes please
contact one of the working groups and submit your name for nomination to
the Panel. The working group will vet your candidacy and if it is found
suitable will forward it to the Board. Thank you for your service to OSM.

Thank you and best regards,


/Allan Mustard, Chairperson/
/Board of Directors/
/OpenStreetMap Foundation/
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