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You will need a token to take the survey.  It will not be previewed. 
That would spoil the fun 😉 OSM is supposed to be fun, right?  Besides,
Lime Survey has no preview capability, and pre-circulating a PDF copy
makes absolutely no sense from a data collection point of view.

The topic is of course OSM, and the purpose is of course, as stated in
my response to Joseph:

> Surveys are conducted to collect information about what respondents
> think, believe, and prefer.  Those are the intentions of this survey,
> as they should be for all surveys.


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>> Volker,
>> As stated in the original message,
>>> The OpenStreetMap Foundation Board of Directors has prepared a
>>> survey, which is now being translated into multiple languages, and
>>> which we hope will be ready for release in several languages on or
>>> about January 15th.
>>  The survey is being translated now. It will be released on or about
>> January 15th, assuming the translations are complete by then, and will
>> be available online, via Lime Survey. We will circulate a URL that
>> will allow respondents to request a token that may be used to take the
>> survey once.
> Will we need a token to see what the survey is about? Or maybe you can 
> elaborate a bit about the topic and the purpose of the survey?
> Regards,
> Maarten

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