[Osmf-talk] openness of disputes / issues

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jan 28 22:41:50 UTC 2021


On 1/28/21 22:30, Mario Frasca wrote:
> nope.  the complaint expressed against me was only mentioned, and used
> as a hint for me to stop complaining about YouthMappers, Esri and the
> YMUP chapter.

Last time I emailed you from DWG was on 19 December I did not mention a
complaint against you, and neither did I ask you to stop complaining. I
also didn't mention Esri. I wrote: "It seems to me that where I see you
participate in public discussions, you also have a tendency to put
people off by being very direct." -- This was not someone else's
complaint but my own observation.

> I'm here again because I've heard from an other channel that there's
> more complaints against me, 

I am not aware of any complaints against you having come in this year.
It's a good start!

Please be assured that there are no secret proceedings against you of
any kind.

I am preparing a more in-depth response but that will take a little time.


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