[Osmf-talk] CORRECTED COPY: Board decision on initial composition of the, Software Dispute Resolution Panel

Allan Mustard allan.mustard at osmfoundation.org
Sun Jan 31 13:34:15 UTC 2021

Many thanks to Phil Wyatt for catching an error in the original
notification and bringing it to my attention.  The corrected
notification follows.  I regret the error.  apm


The OSMF Board of Directors voted Friday, January 29th, to appoint the
following five nominees to the Software Dispute Resolution Panel:

*David Morais Ferreira* (nominated by DWG)
*Minh Nguyen* and *Wille Marcel* (nominated by LWG)
*Ilya Zverev* (nominated by MWG)
*Richard Fairhurst *(nominated by OWG)

The Board congratulates these five and thanks all seven nominees for
their willingness to serve.  The Board viewed all seven candidates as
highly qualified and appreciates the efforts of the working groups in
finding such an excellent pool of nominees.

The panel members are now charged with the following:

* form the Panel and elect a chairperson;
* establish on the Board wiki (wiki.osmfoundation.org) a page devoted to
the work of the Panel, including the Panel's membership, contact
information, and procedures for submitting disputes, and contribute as
appropriate to the Panel's page on the OSM wiki at
* establish a collective email address in the osmfoundation.org domain
for receipt of dispute resolution requests;
* decide who among you shall serve initially for one year and who for
two years, in order to establish a rotation that preserves institutional
memory as the Panel turns over, and report that to the Board (thereafter
all Panel members' terms of office are intended to be two years in
* one year from now issue a report to the Board with recommendations as
to a) whether the Panel as constituted is effective, b) how it could be
improved, and c) whether it should continue to exist;
* implement its remit to adjudicate software disputes that were not
amicably resolved via community discussion, and establish internal
procedures for that purpose.

Once again, on behalf of the Board I thank all who have contributed to
creation of this Panel for their support and efforts.

Best regards,

/Allan Mustard, Chairperson/
/Board of Directors/
/OpenStreetMap Foundation/
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