[Osmf-talk] Mapping of inappropriate things as buildings by remote mappers (was: Re: google Open Buildings usage request)

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Thanks. I'm in discussion with Google about this waiver, so at least this data can be legally considered as an option based on quality and mapping process.

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After a quick look at the data available for parts of Zambia I know well I would suggest that caution is used. I had a look at areas in the middle of Lake Kariba and there are buildings marked that are obviously boats or what are known as Kapenta rigs used for netting kapenta, a small sardine like fish. I also did a quick check in the Kafue National Park where there should be very few buildings and I suspect ant hills are being mapped here as buildings, something remote mappers tend to do as well. Africa is already full of very poor data, adding to it would not help in any way.

Apologies if I'm repeating myself to anyone here, but in cases such as this I'd suggest commenting politely on the changeset explaining why some things that have been added as buildings aren't in reality buildings.  Mappers taking part in remote mapping projects in Africa are often new to OSM, and in some cases haven't always been given given the assistance they need to tell if something really is a building, and if so how to map it well (for example, make it rectangular, if it's rectangular on the imagery, by pressing "q").

I believe the remark was referring to buildings in the google dataset, not in OSM.

That said, as has already been said, the google data is off limits till a waiver has been obtained from google legal https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3PN5zfbzThqeTdWR1l3SzJVcTg/view?resourcekey=0-PzVtHArfxvbYidpW2-AVTg

Naturally there's a parallel discussion to be had on what the utility of the google data for OSM is in the first place .


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