[Osmf-talk] Moving the OSMF to the EU?

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Sun Jun 20 09:53:50 UTC 2021

On Saturday 19 June 2021, Guillaume Rischard wrote:
> Some points to consider when moving:
> [...]

I have essentially given up in reaching the OSMF board communication
wise in a meaningful way.  But the idea being sketched here would offer
such unique opportunities to address some of the fundamental issues the
OSMF is struggling with.  And based on the points to consider presented
here these unique opportunities would be fairly collectively and
universally missed.

So once more:  It would be highly, *highly* advisable for the board to
read up on past public discussion in the OSM community regarding
strategic organizational issues and concerns about the OSMF and ideas
to address those and to thoroughly reflect on these ideas.

Few pointers from memory (non-exhaustive obviously - others: feel free
to add to that):


Christoph Hormann

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