[Osmf-talk] Board plan to hire iD developer(s)

osm.sanspourriel at spamgourmet.com osm.sanspourriel at spamgourmet.com
Sun May 16 11:19:26 UTC 2021

IMHO, there are different topics here:

- do we want to support old browsers in general (now M$IE, one day it'll
be Edge "legacy")
- do we want to support low end computers/phones?
- should this version compatible with M$IE support every single feature?
- should it be through iD?

I can imagine a compatibility only for major features. This
compatibility exists now.

KISS version: deliver this version to M$IE users - warning for possible
outdated tag schema. Dangerous probably but possible to keep until some
tag schema change.

A polite advice to use JOSM or other editors instead is another possibility.

Having a survey for M$IE users to know if they could live with one
option (another being to install a more modern browser) would make the
decision - whatever the decision - more founded.

I was never a fan of M$IE, but I can imagine that some contributors may
have good reasons - or think they have good ones - to stay on M$IE.
Knowing the reasons would be helpful.

And of course the next version will be in Flash ;-).


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