[Osmf-talk] 2021 Board election - Submission of questions to candidates is now open

Dorothea Kazazi dorothea at osmfoundation.org
Wed Oct 13 00:00:00 UTC 2021


Submission of community questions to the board candidates is now open at
until 2 November ("by end of", in UTC).

Please sign and date your questions by typing four tildes ~~~~ at the end
your messages.

# For new members
* We will have a board election and an Annual General Meeting in December.
Please see the two links at the end of this email for more information.
* To post a question you need to have an account on the OSM wiki, which is
different from your OSM account. Create an OSM wiki account here:

# For candidates
* Submission of self-nominations on the OSM wiki will start this
Saturday, 16 October, and will close on 23 October 2021 ("by the end of",
in UTC).
* Please do not answer the questions by the community/members at this stage.
Mike Collinson (facilitator) will publish an official set of questions,
on this year's community questions and past ones. The official set of
will be published above the community questions, probably on 2021-11-07 at
and board candidates will be notified.
* You can then send your answers to the official questions *and your
directly to the facilitator and cc me (mike at ayeltd.biz, dorothea@
It's up to you to answer all the official questions or just a few of them.
Our suggestion is to answer all of them.
* When all candidates have submitted their answers, there will be a
given date when all answers/manifestos will be published at once. The
proposed date is 19 November.
* Then discussion commences, preferably until 4 December 16:00 UTC, when
voting opens.
* You can already start writing your manifesto. More information at:

This is expected to be the official election campaign process. We won't
restrict members to continue to talk on our members' mailing list nor
will we restrict candidates to continue discussions, but we don't
encourage them to do so. The official answers and questions thereof
should be what voters use to judge.

# Key dates
* List:
* Monthly view:

# Resources regarding the 2021 board election and the 15th Annual General
* OSM wiki:
* OSMF website: https://wiki.osmfoundation

warm greetings,
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