[Osmf-talk] Data issues in TZ - was - Google Open Buildings now licensed ODbL

Craig Allan allan at iafrica.com
Fri Sep 17 16:56:22 UTC 2021

Hi Ralf,
Your question "How long can we go on like this?" refers...

If I understand the question, you are concerned that new road 
construction in Dar seems to have caused demolition of many buildings 
near the route.
For a similar example, the new road through Kibera, Nairobi caused a lot 
of changes to a very well mapped area.

IMHO the answer is that "this" will go on a great deal. We can't freeze 
Africa is developing fast, and for decades ahead there will be a lot of 
changes to be mapped by very few mappers.
I think the best solution for OSM is to grow local mapping interest and 
capacity in TZ so data damage is patched rapidly.

Craig Allan

On 2021/09/17 09:05, Ralf Bernhardt wrote:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=19/-6.78352/39.11882
> Buildings that are not present on any current imagery layer anymore
> #mapwithai roads, just wrong
> sewage drains, never updated
> How long can we go on like this?
> Ralf
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