[Osmf-talk] App damaging OSM data

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Tue Sep 21 20:16:32 UTC 2021

Le 21/09/2021 à 03:19, Brian M. Sperlongano - zelonewolf at gmail.com a écrit :

> Regardless of the specific error that the user made, iD is allowing
> broken boundary relations to be uploaded.  As an example, click on a
> boundary relation member in iD and erase the member's role and iD will
> happily allow you to upload without so much as a warning.  I am seeing
> a consistent stream of broken boundary relations, with the vast
> majority coming from iD changesets.  A simple warning that the user is
> about to do something harmful would go a long way in reducing these
> problems.

As mentioned by Paul, iD improved its behaviour (and yes, initally the
improvement margin was big!).

_Like_ other editors, you *can* upload broken relations.

Here it's probably not pro-eminent enough. Enter a ticket or better
create a PR.

As mentioned by Minh Nguyễn, here is not the best place to speak about
strength and flaws of various editors.

Jean-Yvon (using both iD and JOSM ;-)).

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