[osmosis-dev] osmosis --buffer - is this correct usage?

dave pitney mappitney at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 16:59:16 UTC 2015

Hello -

I have the following osmosis command and am wondering if I am using
--buffer correctly:

osmosis -v \

--read-pbf-fast .../{var}D.osm.pbf workers=7 \
--buffer bufferCapacity=12000 \
--bounding-polygon file=".../$var.poly" \
--buffer bufferCapacity=12000 \
--write-pbf .../${var}D.osm.pbf omitmetadata=true granularity=10000

I think I am buffering twice -

once from read-pbf to the bounding polygon and second from the
bounding polygon to write-pbf.

(IMHO a few examples in osmosis detailed usage would be helpful rather
than just a description)

Thanks, pitney


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