[osmosis-dev] Osmosis 0.47 Release

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Tue Oct 23 11:18:13 UTC 2018

Hi All,

I've just released Osmosis 0.47.

>From changes.txt:

   - Build using Java 11 now that Java has moved to a 6 month release cycle
   with no (free) long term support.
   - Use https for all replication URLs.
   - Use single-threaded PBF reading by default.
   - Add support for PBF way location attributes.
   - Remove customdb dataset implementation.  It performed poorly and was
   superseded long ago by pgsimple/pgsnapshot.
   - Fix munin replication lag shell script.
   - Modify --write-apidb to commit every 10000 to allow large databases to
   be populated.
   - Fix --write-apidb-change to correctly write way history.

Let me know if you see any issues.

It's a good time to mention that this will probably be the last Osmosis
release I make.  I first starting hacking on Osmosis in April 2007, and
after 11 years it feels like time to finally let it go.  I haven't spent
much time in the OpenStreetMap world for a number of years, but Osmosis has
been largely superseded by better/faster tools such as Osmium.  Osmosis
itself is really showing its age.  In its day it helped move OpenStreetMap
forward, in particular making it possible to replicate data around in a
timely and efficient manner, but that's a well solved problem now.  The
version of Osmosis building the daily/hourly/minute changesets is _many_
years old and yet remains compatible with the latest version, not much has

I've kept the lights on for a number of years by accepting PRs, doing basic
maintenance such as library and java updates, and making it easier to
build/test through changes such as Dockerising the build.  But even that
can be time consuming, and I struggle to find the time to do it properly.

The code is all in the public domain, so if anybody wishes to continue to
hack away on it they are very welcome to do so.  If anybody wants to take
on release management duties, let me know, and I'll help them get access to
some of the key infrastructure such as the dev server for hosting
distribution binaries, Maven Central artefact upload  process, and GitHub
git repository.

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