[OSRM-talk] odbl on os-rm

Dennis Luxen luxen at kit.edu
Tue Feb 12 09:36:33 GMT 2013


> in the routing results section, it never states that the routing is
> based on osm data (which I assume is the case).

It does always say on the bottom right that "Data (c) OpenStreetMap 
contributors (ODbL)".

> the changes I would like to see:
> in https://github.com/DennisOSRM/Project-OSRM/wiki/Api-usage-policy
> have the link to odbl as "appropriate license attribution" and osm as
> "the source of your routes" (or os-rm?)

Changed the wiki to "Clearly display appropriate data license 
attribution (ODbL) and the source of your routes (OSRM)." Please note 
that it is "OSRM" without a hyphen.
> on http://map.project-osrm.org/ change from
> "Routing by Project OSRM"
> to "Routing by Project OSRM on OSM data"

As said above, attribution is given on the bottom right.

> and in produced GPX have the copyright field set do odbl.

Will be added to the GPX output.


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