[OSRM-talk] weight instead of speed

Jens Thiele karme at karme.de
Fri Feb 15 14:46:57 GMT 2013

Michal Palenik <michal.palenik at freemap.sk> writes:

> hi
> I try to set up a bicycling routing. in bicycles, speed is not the only
> routing parameter, but some other abstract measure (which a function of
> speed, safety, surface, comfort and gerenal coolness of the way). after
> searching osrm github (which shows similar thoughts) I've got lost...
> so:
> can I use weights instead of speed for routing?
> can I put different forward/backward speed/weight on a way?
> can I use out of OSM information? (e.g. elevation)
> (or does any branch support this?)

maybe a good time to provide a quick status update from my side

i am working on a tool implementing an additional preprocessing step
which does the following (already took much more time than expected):

- split ways at intersections
- add elevation profile (and length) to ways
- denormalize relations onto ways
- fix way references in restriction relations

it works but is still quite slow (memory consumption is ok, though)
other todos:
- cleanup
- limit precision in output / fix output format
- handle duration when splitting way (can't think of a better solution
  than distributing according length)
(- handle tunnel/bridges?)
(- maybe handle areas at some point?)

example input (799K):
example output (540K):

after that the normal processing can go on and the lua way function has
all information required

there is a branch for different foward/backward weight and emil had a
branch for weight vs time - likely dennis/emil will comment on this


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