[OSRM-talk] OpenLR

Dennis Luxen dennis.luxen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 09:05:45 UTC 2013

>> This is an idea to consider for the future, but OpenLR needs the
>> maps to be of equal quality.
> i don't think so. the point is to use more than just the geometry to
> find the matching road section (or know that it's missing).

Yes, and that's my point. The main purpose of OpenLR is to find an 
equivalent path from one map in the other. This requires equal quality, 
which is not necessarily equal geometry. Identifying portions of a map 
that are missing in the other works only if the differences are 


> i was not suggestion using openLR as such, but to adopt the techique
> of usign bearing and road class when looking for the start way.

This is not as straight-forward as it may appear. It introduces many 
problems of its own. For example, see the OSM tagging discussions.

Adding bearing to identify starting direction makes sense. I believe 
this was also briefly discussed in some issue on the github issue 
tracker, too.


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