[OSRM-talk] Making progress on dumping pgRouting tables to OSRM

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Wed Nov 13 17:04:47 UTC 2013

Hi Dennis, Emil,

I have made some progress reverse engineering the current file formats 
and have been able to successfully extract a pgRouting topology into the 
"current" OSRM normalized data files and run osrm-prepare on that.

That said, I have not tried to run routes on this which I will do at 
some point.

I am still not clear on how restrictions are defined. The only 
description that I can find is the out dated description in:


Can someone please help me with the restrictions definition:

If I have the following graph:

nodes: a, b, c, d
edges: ab, bc, db


ab, bc, and db are all two way
and there is no right turn from db to bc

Then, should the restriction as defined in the file be:

b, d, c, forbidden, 7F 00 00


b is the via-node
d is the from-node
c is the to-node

and the records should then be sorted by edge_id of
EDGE[via-node, to-node].

Is this correct?

I'm happy to create an updated reference page for the normalized file 
format once I get this all sortted out and working.


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