[OSRM-talk] [pgrouting-dev] Making progress on dumping pgRouting tables to OSRM

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Thu Nov 14 02:01:55 UTC 2013

> 4. write stored procedures like:
>    point = osrm_locate(point)
>    point = osrm_nearest(point)
>    jsontext = osrm_viaroute(point[], alt, instruction, zoom)
>    status = osrm_getRouteStatus(jsontext);
>    polyline = osrm_getRouteGeometry(jsontext, alt)
>    instructions[] = osrm_getRouteInstructions(jsontext, alt)
>    distancematrix[][] = osrm_dmatrix(points[])
>    distancerow[] = osrm_one2many(point, points[]
> To support this, it would be great if Dennis had time to add two methods
> to osrm-routed like:
> http://server:5000/dmatrix?lat=<lat>&lon=<lon>&...
> http://server:5000/one2many?slat=<start_lat>&slon=<start_
> lon>&lat=<lat>&lon=<lon>&...
Hi Steve, Dennis and Emil,

To be able to use the route for further processing, it would be also nice,
if OSRM would return a list of original network link ID's instead of a more
or less simplified route geometry and a few via points.

This is not an issue for distance matrices, where you only need to total
distance or cost, but too much generalized routes was the reason, why I
couldn't make use of OSRM once. And especially if the OSRM routing result
could be later used again in PostgreSQL/PostGIS, having the original road
network ID's would be very helpful.

So far I couldn't find anything else than this JSON output format:


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