[OSRM-talk] Need help understanding the json responses

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Nov 18 22:44:46 UTC 2013


I'm parsing the json responses and the is going well, but my question is 
more related what is all this stuff? :)

Most of it makes sense, but I'm a little confused by the following:

The instructions indicate road names: N20, N60, N2, N61, N28, ""
So the "" is on the arrive at destination maneuver, but not sure what 
the rationale for not having a name there.

The route summary otherwise states the start point and end point names 
correctly as N20, N28

How is "route_name" determined? The wiki page states "Array of strings 
giving the name of roads." There does not appear to be an 
"alternative_names" item so this must be unique to the route regardless 
of alternatives?

What are the "via_points"? How are they determined? These appear to be 
the mapped locations for the start and end points like if I called 

Is the position field in the instructions an index into a point in the 
route geometry array?

BTW, thanks for putting up with all my questions, this is all starting 
to come together. Great job all around!


{"version": 0.3,
  "status_message": "Found route between points",
  "route_instructions": [
   "alternative_geometries": [],
   "via_points":[[43.235294,-76.420897 ],[43.705882,-76.286315 ]],
   "hint_data": {
     "locations": ["Dw0AAA4AAADwOAAAdgoAAJqulHdeCOs_3reTAt_ocfs",
   "transactionId": "OSRM Routing Engine JSON Descriptor (v0.3)"

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