[OSRM-talk] CarProfile.lua snapping on pedestrian roads

Guillaume Huchet gh at pginsight.com
Tue Oct 8 09:49:11 UTC 2013


I encountered problems when using the default "car.lua" profile. I expected OSRM to snap only on nodes accessible in the profile but it snaps also on pedestrian roads. When it does so, itinerary fails to compute. Nodes on pedestrian roads don't seems to be connected (included?) to other roads. To avoid this problem I added some features from the foot.lua profile including 'foot' tag as following with no success in solving my problem:

*         access_tag_whitelist = { ...., ["foot"] = true }

*         access_tags = { "motorcar", "motor_vehicle", "vehicle", "foot"  }

*         access_tags_hierachy = { "motorcar", "motor_vehicle", "vehicle", "foot", "access" }

*         restriction_exception_tags = { "motorcar", "motor_vehicle", "vehicle" , "foot" }

Any guess on how to handle pedestrian roads... to make them accessible in the car.lua profile?

Guillaume HUCHET
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