[OSRM-talk] How to change the routes so that it is not illegal

Hans Gregers Petersen gregers at septima.dk
Tue Oct 29 10:10:46 UTC 2013

Hi Nathan,

> In Edmonds, WA the Washington State Ferry System has a dock. This Dock is
> separated by a public road from the waiting lines and the toll booths. It is
> required for people getting on the ferry docks to go through the toll
> booths.  this almost means that you have to start the ferry routing at the
> toll booths and not at the end of the dock.   That would be one way to make
> it work even though there are more roads.

Just to be clear on things, is it this route you are talking about:
http://osrm.at/5w0  ?

Best regards,


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