[OSRM-talk] Foot profile

Emmanuel Bégué medusis at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 16:29:54 UTC 2014


Trying to use Project-OSRM for directions by foot, it seems some
points simply don't work, either as start or stop points, whereas
points that are very near, work fine (as well as some points that
shouldn't be reachable because for example they're in the water).

For example the point 48.88368971897955,2.332395315170288 (north of
Paris), used as a start or an end point, always results in 207,
"Cannot find route between points".

But if we use instead 48.88371088449246,2.332277297973633 (a few
meters away) then everything's fine; or if we use the offending point
with a car profile on Project-OSRM demo site: no problem.

No problem either if we begin or end our journey in the middle of a
river: 48.85939286077621,2.331901788711548, so it's clearly not the
case that the destination point is somehow "unreachable" by foot.

I have tried to set the offending point to the nearest node with
"locate" but that didn't help:
    locate?48.88368971897955,2.332395315170288 => 48.883674,2.332385
-- but that last point doesn't work any better.

How can I investigate this? (How do we ask Project-OSRM to print more
elaborate error messages?)

I'm using Project-OSRM version before 3.9, the stock "foot.lua"
profile and OSM data for France from Geofabrik.

Thanks for any pointer.


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