[OSRM-talk] Access to Drive Time algorithm

Harvey Frey hsfrey at verizon.net
Fri Jul 11 21:49:41 UTC 2014

I'm writing a program to prevent gerrymandering by providing an 
objective clustering solution to the problem of redistricting voting 

I'm programming on python or perl on Win7.

I have latitude/longitude data for the centroids of apx. 3000 census 
tracts in my state (California).
I could use easily those to get great circle distances between tracts, 
but that wouldn't take account of physical barriers, like mountains, 
rivers, etc.

I would like to use osrm's drive time (or road distance) algorithm to 
give me a more relevant distance metric. Is there some way it could be 
callable from one of the programming languages I'm using. I understand 
that python can also link to C subroutines.

Is there some way I could do that?

Another question: Is anyone interested in helping on this public benefit 

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