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Cédric NOËL cedric.noel at actimage.com
Wed Jul 16 16:30:52 UTC 2014


Sorry for asking again... does anyone has any tips to help me with profile
lua files ? :-)


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Thanks for your reply Frederik, it's ok to select the profile we want to

Now, we wonder how to change the car.lua in order to forbid motorways for
Do you have any idea or some example to do that ?


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On 07/09/2014 02:42 PM, Cédric NOËL wrote:
> We think that we can do it with different lua profiles (As for the 
> bike profile we hope that motorways are skipped ;-)).

Note that there are a number of countries where cycling on motorways is
allowed and sometimes even recommended:


> ./osrm-routed map.osrm -t 1 -p 5000
> ./osrm-routed map_motorways_banned.osrm -t 1 -p 5001

Yes, this works.

> -              We do not really understand how lua profiles are managed
> / what we can change to do it

When processing data into a routing graph, the file profile.lua is used.
You can make this point to one of several pre-made profiles in the profiles
subdirectory, or simply replace it with whatever you want to use.


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