[OSRM-talk] New OSRM Release: 4.6.0

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Sun Apr 19 10:29:17 UTC 2015

I just tagged a new OSRM release. This release brings some exciting changes!

The biggest addition in this release is the map matching plugin. Map
matching enables
you to snap GPS traces to the road network. The plugin implements the
Hidden-Markov-Chainbased approach by Newson & Krumm.

Please note that the library interface changed! The naming convention of the
headers now follows the new style guidelines for the rest of OSRM.

Some other highlights:

- Library includes now follow the new style convention
- Library interface now uses the internal JSON object
- Add map matching plugin
- way id, node id and node location available thru Lua bindings
- traffic signal penalty ignored on white-listed barriers, cf. #1365
- fix escaping of double quote in JSON response, fixes #1410 and also adds
a unit test for that case.
- Add test for building as shared library
- fix incorrect behavior when via point was on same one-way street as
destination but should have been reached before, closes #1424
- fix rounding error/uncertainty on some systems
- implement ISO 8601 durations parsing, cf. #1399
- use CRTP instead of virtual functions in routing plugins
- add movable bridge support to the car profile. Implements #1399
- Allow CORS requests in osrm-routed.
- check if stxxl compiles with or without libgomp, fixes #1361
- speed up nearest neighbor query by pruning, move coordinate calculations
away from library interface
- Add regression test for FixedpointCoordinate
- remove copy of libosmium, to be replaced by a subtree
- use static graph for component exploration, closes #1288
- Move server configuration from method parameter to a struct
- Add a commande line option to osrm-routed for max locations supported in
distance table query

As always the node bindings where updated as well. Get it while its hot!

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