[OSRM-talk] finds routes with arrivals from the right

Fernando Pacheco fernando.pacheco at ingesur.com.uy
Wed Apr 22 18:13:07 UTC 2015

First, I answer myself: The PhantomNode structure elements
(forward_node_id, reverse_node_id, etc) are set in different
methods/functions in StaticRTree class and are very similar to
EdgeBasedNode structure.

The ids of nodes in EdgeBasedNode structure are different from internal
nodes ids (OSRM).

The EdegeBasedNode structure have u and v elements, that are the indices
of internal nodes (OSRM id). With them, you can find the coordinates of
each node of the segment and / or the original node id (OSM id).

The PhantomNode structure do not have u and v elements (why?).

Then, what is the best way to get the internal id (OSRM) from
forward_node_id and reverse_node_id of each PhantomNode?.

Thanks. Fernando.

El 12/04/15 a las 18:47, Fernando Pacheco escribió:
> I'm trying to make a plugin that finds routes with arrivals from the
> right on two-way streets (to collect municipal solid waste containers).
> I clone the viaroute plugin and made changes to suit my needs.
> I have one starting point, many pick up points (containers) and one
> ending point. Some trucks can just pick up containers from the right.
> Basically what I want to do is add an intermediate point in the adequate
> direction (in two-ways streets) to force the vehicle to flow in the
> desire direction.
> I need to get (from the plugin) node coordinates in front and behind the
> segment in which the lifting point.
> I can get the coordinates of phantomnode (location) and forward_node_id
> and reverse_node_id but these identifiers are not allowing me to get
> those coordinates. I think is_bidirected() telling me if the the way
> segment is two-way.
> I am somewhat confused because in all cases packed_geometry_id gives me
> maximum unsigned limit values. I had thought that with that identifier I
> would obtain the segment and then the geometry nodes where the phantom
> node is.
> I am working with the develop branch.
> Could you give me some hints?
> How can I get the coordinates of the nodes of the segment where the
> phantomnode is?
> I'm in the wrong direction?. Many thanks. Fernando.

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