[OSRM-talk] I'm getting a crazy route in Montevideo

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Fri Apr 24 01:05:05 UTC 2015

This looks like it is OSRM weirdness, but it might be a data problem:

This is very crazy with lots of weird loops, 12 turns.


But if I add one more position the looping goes away, Granted this 
changes the exit strategy. but the next route does not.


Even this would be better, it is about the same time but shorter 
distance and 9 turns compared to the first route.


The looping is what makes this stand out. I thought we had turn 
penalties (but maybe they are not all that impactful) and that we should 
get few turns for routes of about the same distance going through 
similar via points.


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