[OSRM-talk] File repository

Zbyszek Swirski zbych at controtex.com
Thu Feb 5 23:11:36 UTC 2015

OSRM is absolutely incredible, fast routing server. However extract and
convert are real pain in certain part of the body
>From my experience "small" server (64GB RAM, 8 cores) takes over 30 hours
to convert planet file, so I have rented 256GB RAM machine, 40 cores and on
it it takes just 3-4 hours.
As I have already done this job - I realised that there might be some other
who would like to use them.
I am happy to share them with interested parties - please write here if you
are interested.

On request I can also convert single countries or regions.

Be warned however that planet files (bziped and tared) is 35GB, so
downloading takes a while!
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