[OSRM-talk] combine metroextracts

Alex Farioletti alex at tcbcourier.com
Wed Jan 7 17:37:40 UTC 2015

Is there a way to combine several metro extracts to reduce the ram
requirements to run OSRM?

my use case is to route within several cities in north america (SF,
Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis) but not really needing anything out side of
those areas. I have built an osrm-backend that does north america but I'm
needing like 14gb of ram to run it, and that's expensive.

Can i do this through OSMOSIS? I was looking at it but it seems to only
take a single polygon (

I just want to make sure this is even possible before I go down the rabbit

*Alex Farioletti*
*tcbcourier.com <http://tcbcourier.com> *
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