[OSRM-talk] osrm-extract hangs on osmosis updated germany file

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Fri Jun 26 17:31:39 UTC 2015


i am regularly (every 4 hours or so) generating a new germany file with 
osmosis from planet diff (updating + cutting) and then convert it
with the default car profile.

Now i switched from 0.3.9 to git current and
osrm-extract now hangs, or takes infinite time.

For testing i used a germany file from download.geofabrik.de which 
worked. Convert took 663.46s.

Now i used my file again and it is running for >2 hours at the same
file size.

Output until it hangs:

[info] Reading options from: extractor.ini
[info] Input file: germany.osm.pbf
[info] Profile: profile.lua
[info] Threads: 8
[info] Using script profile.lua
[STXXL-MSG] STXXL v1.4.0 (prerelease/Debug)
[STXXL-MSG] Disk '/var/tmp/stxxl' is allocated, space: 15000 MiB, I/O implementation: syscall queue=0
[info] Parsing in progress..
[info] input file generated by 0.43.1
[info] timestamp: n/a
[info] Using turn restrictions
[info] Found 3 exceptions to turn restrictions:
[info]   motorcar
[info]   motor_vehicle
[info]   vehicle
[info] Parsing finished after 278.752 seconds
[info] Raw input contains 216914314 nodes, 34536749 ways, and 470556 relations, and 0 unknown entities
[extractor] Sorting used nodes        ... ok, after 1.81855s
[extractor] Erasing duplicate nodes   ... ok, after 1.99701s
[extractor] Building node id map      ... ok, after 5.41916s
[extractor] Sorting all nodes         ... ok, after 81.9645s
[extractor] Confirming/Writing used nodes     ... ok, after 29.9419s
[extractor] setting number of nodes   ... ok
[info] Processed 21954952 nodes
[extractor] Sorting edges by start    ... ok, after 18.1807s
[extractor] Setting start coords      ... ok, after 75.1319s
[extractor] Sorting edges by target   ... ok, after 16.5787s
[extractor] Computing edge weights    ... ok, after 79.4891s
[extractor] Sorting edges by renumbered start ... ok, after 16.5565s

Attaching gdb and issuing an bt 

(gdb) bt
#0  0x000000000045bd70 in stxxl::vector<InternalExtractorEdge, 4u, stxxl::lru_pager<8u>, 2097152u, stxxl::RC, unsigned long long>::element(stxxl::double_blocked_index<unsigned long long, 4ull, 43690ull> const&) ()
#1  0x0000000000485c4f in ExtractionContainers::PrepareEdges() ()
#2  0x00000000004af9cc in ExtractionContainers::PrepareData(std::string const&, std::string const&, std::string const&) ()
#3  0x000000000054ef64 in extractor::run() ()
#4  0x000000000043340d in main ()

its always the exact same backtrace ....

osrm built on Debian/Jessie ...

Florian Lohoff                                                 f at zz.de
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