[OSRM-talk] arrive to destination on the adequate side in two-way streets

Fernando Pacheco fernando.pacheco at ingesur.com.uy
Mon Mar 9 17:54:06 UTC 2015

Hi all.

We are developing an application for routing solid waste collection
trucks. We use OSRM to calculate distances between collecting points
(intermediate points).

Some customers are located in two-way streets (simple, no separators)
... How can I say to OSRM that must arrive to the collecting points at
the adequate side of the street? That is, on the side where the client
is, without crossing the opposite direction of the street to access the

Is it possible?. Thanks in advance. Fernando.

Ing. Fernando Pacheco M.S.L.

Ingesur srl
Dirección: Reconquista 268 apto. 511, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Teléfonos: +598 29161459, +598 99627932
Web: http://www.ingesur.com.uy/

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