[OSRM-talk] osrm route directly from command line not via http possible?

Michael Leonard emailmleonard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 16:14:43 UTC 2015


I'm new to OSRM and the mailing list but have managed to get it all working
well on a 64bit Ubuntu 14.04 server.

I’m writing looking for help to get OSRM’s routing algorithm working
directly from the command line rather than via http.

More info....

OSRM is already extremely fast when called using curl http://localhost … -
however I’m looking to include it an algorithm to generate millions of
realistic driving routes, and am hoping that the underlying C++ routing
function might be accessible from the command line directly in some way.
With a command line function that wraps around OSRM’s routing algorithm, I
could call this from within R where I’m writing the rest of my code.

My C++ skills are unfortunately at the extreme beginner level, but I have
found where I might start if I were much more advanced: either the file
simpleclient.cpp in the OSRM github repo or the node_osrm.cpp file in the
node-osrm repo which looks like it's similar to simpleclient.cpp.

Hopefully someone has already crossed this bridge and could I'm hoping
provide some kind of simple command-line wrapper function to these
underlying c++ functions so that I can avoid the http approach which I'm
guessing slows things down.

Thanks in advance...

Thanks so much in advance I really appreciate any help or tips to get this

Love osrm by the way



I posted this on stackoverflow but found this mailing list and thought I
might have more luck using it.
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