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Anders Gunnarsson anders.gunnarsson at appello.com
Mon Mar 23 08:19:31 UTC 2015

Hi Martin,

This is a known issue. https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/issues/1251

Warm regards,
Anders Gunnarsson

From: Martin Bang Andersen [mailto:datscharf at gmail.com]
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Subject: [OSRM-talk] Missing instructions


Thanks for a great project!

I am having some trouble with instructions when making a route between two points if for example the end point lies on a road which has alleys that has the same name as the main road. Its a bit difficult to explain so I have made a route in the link below which illustrates my problem:


The instructions should have had a last "turn right" to make it possible to find the destination, or else the traveller would continue on the main road never knowing he/she should have turned right.

Is this a problem in the routing/instructions engine or is it a flaw in the underlying map material?

Best regards
Martin Bang Andersen
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