[OSRM-talk] Map Matching Plugin Questions

Matthias Schwamborn schwamborn at informatik.uos.de
Wed May 6 14:39:57 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I'm currently playing with the new map matching plugin in OSRM 4.6.0.
Great work! It's been really useful for me so far. I also read the
corresponding paper by Newson and Krumm and have some questions about
the implementation:

- Did you implement all of the described HMM break conditions (route
localization, low probability routes, GPS outliers)? After reading the
code in OSRM, I was only able to find the "low probability routes"
condition. Did I overlook something?

- As far as I understand, MAX_DISTANCE_DELTA corresponds to the delta
when comparing the route length and great circle distance for the "low
probability routes" condition. The paper states a delta of 2000m, the
implementation uses a delta of 200m. Feature or bug?

- What exactly does the "confidence" return value mean?


Best, Matthias

Matthias Schwamborn

University of Osnabrück         Tel.:   +49-541-969-7167
Institute of Computer Science   Fax:    +49-541-969-2799
Albrechtstr. 28                 E-mail: schwamborn at informatik.uos.de
D-49076 Osnabrück, Germany      http://cs.uos.de/schwamborn/

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