[OSRM-talk] Using map matching for guessing travel mode?

Emil Tin emil at tin.dk
Fri May 8 18:14:51 UTC 2015

I’m wondering if the new map matching feature could be used for guessing travel mode?

We’re currently working on adding a GPS tracking feature to our I BIke CPH ap. Both iOS and Android now come with build-in APIs for automatically detecting the travel mode, but on iOS the results are surprisingly low quliaty. Since we already use OSRM, I’m wondering it it could be used improve the detection quality.

For example, suppose I have a GPS track and need to guess whether the user was biking, walking or in a car? Could I use the matching algorithm with different profiles (bike/foot/car), and get values expresssing how well the track fits each network, ie. the probability that the user was biking/walking/driving?

It might be useful in siutations where the networks differ slighty due to things like:

- Topology. Some ways allow only bikes/walking/cars. Some intersections provide different lanes/ways for turning by car/bike/foot.
- Oneway. Streets might be oneway for cars, but not for bikes.
- Barriers. You don’t usually pass stairs or bollards by car.

At https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/wiki/Server-api <https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/wiki/Server-api> is written that you can pass classify=true to get a confidence value for the matching, but it’s not mentioned in the response section?


Emil Tin
CIty of Copenhagen

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