[OSRM-talk] [API Server] Limitation using service table

Jorne De Blaere jorne.deblaere at conundra.eu
Mon May 11 12:51:42 UTC 2015

Hi Axel,

When using osrm-routed you can add the parameter –max-table-size <size>. When using this parameter, the query should work fine

Kind regards,

Van: Axel Grimault [mailto:axel.grimault at gmail.com]
Verzonden: maandag 11 mei 2015 14:26
Aan: osrm-talk at openstreetmap.org
Onderwerp: [OSRM-talk] [API Server] Limitation using service table


I'm using the server api on local. I request for a 300 coordinates distance matrix using the service table through the server api (with an http request).

But, the query always returns a distance_table of 100x100.

I'm wondering if :
- there is a parameters file to configure
- there is some limitations through http request.


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