[OSRM-talk] enable research by coordinates

Stefan Göckeritz admin at s-goecker.de
Thu May 21 09:21:07 UTC 2015


Hey Marc, 

you can actually just input coordinates in the form of "lon,lat" and you
will be taken to this place.
Also the marker is placed accordingly. 

The popups can be implemented on top of the leaflet web interface.
There are several examples on the net, you may have a look at the
leaflet page http://leafletjs.com/index.html [2] 
Hope this helps 


Am 2015-05-19 16:21, schrieb Marc: 

> Hello everybody ,
> I have some idea and I want to share it with you.
> It should be nice to be able to search by GPS coordinates in the departure or arrival field.
> It should be nice too to show coordinate for the departure and arrival point and may be the way point.
> I think it's possible to create a popup message with address and coordinate by passing the mouse over the point on the map. 
> Thanks a lot for your good job. 
> Marc 
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