[OSRM-talk] Use another data source than OSM

Romain Wieser romain.wieser at ign.fr
Thu May 21 14:36:23 UTC 2015

Hello OSRM community,

For test purpose, I try to extract road network from an other source 
that OSM. Anybody actually use a different source and be disposed to 
share the experience ?

Furthermore, I wonder if there is more documentation about the extractor 
tool as well as the lua scripting for profiles.

Thank you in advance,

Romain Wieser
Analyste |Pôle technique du Géoportail - Division Services (IDES)
*Direction des Services et du Système d'Information (D2SI)
T + 33(0)1 43 98 62 52 ●Poste 6252
73, AVENUE DE PARIS, 94165 Saint-Mandé cedex
ign.fr - geoportail.gouv.fr
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