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Hi Patrick,


too bad to hear that. When I started coding my plugin in 2011, there was no
commercial version available yet when I added map.project-osrm.org as
directions provider and that parts of the code were not changed since then &
also used within the pro version. Personally I thought that this was
actually a win-win-situation - especially with regards of the number of
overall user, growing steadily over the last years (~50.000 active users
currently) which got to know map.project-osrm.org through the usage of my
plugins.  Anyway it could help others in similar situations, if the info
about commercial usage would be available directly on


As requested I will remove map.project-osrm.org as directions provider from
all of my plugins (as they share the code for directions provider) with the
next release, to be released probably next week & refrain from any linking
to the project.







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Mapsmarker.com seems to be a commercial service. We only offer access to the
demo server for non-commercial services. Please remove OSRM from your
commercial service and refrain from linking `map.project-osrm.org` or using


Thank you,




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