[OSRM-talk] Bearings and bearings range

Fernando Pacheco fernando.pacheco at ingesur.com.uy
Sat Oct 24 15:18:22 UTC 2015

We have been using OSRM (vrptools software) to optimize collection 
routes of solid waste (basically viaroute and nearest plugins).

At the moment we are implementing container collection by the right side 
(some types of containers must be collected by the right side of the 
truck), so the bearing parameter has been very useful.

We don't know street bearing, so the direction of the truck to pick up 
the container is obtained from the location of the container and the 
location of the PhantomNode (+90 degrees).

We have slightly changed the code OSRM to be more flexible in this case. 
In particular we have:
* added custom bearings range parameter for viaroute (bearings_range in 
route_parameters and bs_range in api_grammar). [8 degrees is not enought 
in some cases (containers located very near of an edge)];
* added bearing = -1 when we do not want to take account bearing 
parameter in a route point  (not necessary for us in one-way streets).

I attach the patch file in case it is useful. Thank you for all!. Best 
regards. Fernando.
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