[OSRM-talk] OSRM v4.8.0

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Wed Sep 16 22:08:46 UTC 2015

This OSRM release brings loads of new features and bug fixes. I want to
highlights the initial support for raster data in the lua profiles
added by Lauren Budorick and the new `trip` plugin courtesy to Chau
Nyguen. This release also contains loads of small improvements thanks
to Daniel
Hofmann and Daniel Patterson.

This release also brings numerous profile changes thanks to the help of
various OSRM contributors.

Feature highlights:
- Add `trip` plugin for TSP computation
- Implement raster source feature to read data (currently only .asc)
from third-party sources, to be used in lua profiles.
- Instructions are now returned in match plugin (thanks to Andreas Gruß)
- Partial contraction support, new file .core
- Update to libosmium 2.3.0
- Remove protobuf dependencies (libosmium ships with an own minimal decoder)
- Parse specific restriction:* tags based on profile exceptions
- Make an exception for block barriers in bicycle and foot profile.
- Make pedestrian roads marked as destination routable with car profile.
- Make map matching more resilient against low sample rates
- Enable turn penalties on car profile, using values tuned by
comparing real-world sample routes with map-matched routes.

Bug fixes:
- Add rising bollard exception to barriers for car profile.
- Fix processing for data files with incorrect node references
- Fix postgis lua example
- gps_precision and matching_beta can be used as a float value
- Fix typo in foot profile that removed traffic lights
- SCC search is now run on edge-expanded graph
- Fix off-by one error in hint decoder and make padding deterministic.
- Fix race condition in osrm-routed

As always this release is in sync with a new version of `node-osrm` now with
documentation from Morgan Herlocker.


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