[OSRM-talk] osrm extract on a osm file created using a using BBox query

Luc Van Linden luc.vanlinden at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 15:06:00 UTC 2015


We are currently testing the usage of OSRM (on windows using the published
binaries) and the way the profile.lua file needs to be configured to
minimise the resulting graph.

We would like to understand which part of the lua file will actually
"decide" if a specific element/tag/way is included in the graph.

We have tested with afull belgian coverage. The standard profile.lua file
works for extract/prepare and run.

However when we use a small but substantial relevant subset of Belgium,
using a BBOX, osrm_extract fails. A windows messagebox pops up, just a
message saying the program osrm.extract has stopped working.

This is the console output:

[info] Input file: belgium-latest.osm.pbf←[0m
[info] Profile: profile.lua←[0m
[info] Threads: 4←[0m
[info] Using script profile.lua←[0m
[STXXL-MSG] STXXL v1.4.99 (prerelease/Release) (git
bcc29183d200) + gnu parallel(__GLIBCXX__)
[STXXL-MSG] Disk 'd:\temp\stxxl' is allocated, space: 10000 MiB, I/O
ion: wincall queue=0 devid=0
[info] Parsing in progress..←[0m
[info] input file generated by Osmium (
[info] timestamp: 2015-07-13T21:15:02Z←[0m
[info] Ignoring turn restrictions←[0m

- is there somewhre a log file we can check?
- does osrm.extract expect all info to be available? I can image that the
BBox rectangle extract might be missing some nodes or other elements in
routes/restrictions etc?
- more generic, what is the information osrm.extract is expecting in an osm


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