[OSRM-talk] new api table and geometry

Daniel Hofmann hofmann at mapbox.com
Fri Apr 15 14:09:49 UTC 2016

If you check the v5 spec you linked, you will see only Route, Trip and
Match providing a "geometries" option.

What you can do is this:
- do a Table request from your position against all Bus / Tram stops in the
area / in a buffer of a few kilometers
- pick n shortest routes from the Table response and temporarily store
their destination coordinates
- do n Route request from your position against the n destination
coordinates and extract the geometry

Daniel J H

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 3:49 PM, Michal Palenik <michal.palenik at freemap.sk>

> hi,
> within the new api, I am trying to find how to get geometry (together
> with perfect duration). is it possible?
> or do I have to make N*M queries for all the possible combinations?
> https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/wiki/New-Server-api#service-table
> I am trying to make a service like "show me the routes to the closest
> bus/tram stops" : http://epsilon.sk/mhd/
> thanks
> michal
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> michal palenik
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