[OSRM-talk] running on windows

John Aherne johnaherne at rocs.co.uk
Thu Apr 28 15:56:54 UTC 2016

Thanks for the pointers.

The reason I was using vs2013 was the wiki page says you must do that for
windows compilation. I have not found one that says to use vs2015.

I did not realise the .stxxl has a .txt extension.

The docs just refer to .stxll

I downloaded the master and compiled. Lots of warnings etc but at the end I
had my compiled programs.

But even though I doubled my VM and moved it from the c: to d: and
increased the stxxl space to 250GB the extract still crashed soon after

I then used a small town .pbf dublin and get the same problem.

Here is the log:--

D:\osrm-rel2015>osrm-extract dublin_ireland.osm.pbf
[info] Using script profile.lua?[0m
[info] Input file: dublin_ireland.osm.pbf?[0m
[info] Profile: profile.lua?[0m
[info] Threads: 8?[0m
[STXXL-MSG] STXXL v1.4.99 (prerelease/Release) (git
f4185c05a0b3) + gnu parallel(__GLIBCXX__)
[STXXL-MSG] Disk 'd:\jahtemp\stxxl' is allocated, space: 25000 MiB, I/O
implementation: wincall queue=0 devid=0
[info] Parsing in progress..?[0m
[info] input file generated by osmconvert 0.7T?[0m
[info] timestamp: 2015-10-24T00:30:02Z?[0m


So not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for any help.

*John Aherne*

*www.rocs.co.uk <http://www.rocs.co.uk>*
020 7223 7567
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