[OSRM-talk] Bug fix release OSRM 5.0.2

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Fri Apr 29 09:36:50 UTC 2016


yesterday we pushed out a bugfix release 5.0.2. The following issues
where fixed.

- Issue #2309: Fixes local path looping, same coordinates crash
- Issue #2311: Fixes invalid assertion in loop unpacking
- Issue #2310: Local paths could falsely end up trying to remove the start step
- Issue #2335: Map matching was using shortest path with uturns disabled

Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports!

In a unrelated note, we are planning to release OSRM in a higher
frequency with smaller releases now. Since we are now following
Semantic Versioning we now guarantee on minor version changes:

- No breaking changes in:
  - C++ library API
  - NodeJS API
  - Lua profile API
  - osrm-extract / osrm-contract parameters
- We will do our best not to break the compatibility of the file
format between minor releases. However we can't guarantee this, but we
will state in the changelog when we break it.


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