[OSRM-talk] Worldwide coverage of Osmose-QA

Frédéric Rodrigo fred.rodrigo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 18:49:33 UTC 2016

Le 31/07/2016 à 21:34, Daniel Hofmann a écrit :
> > We are still open to contribution on analyser code or suggestion, on 
> somewhat poor documentation on the wiki, on translation or whatever else.
> With the focus on guidance and lanes during the last weeks and months, 
> here are some cases I can think of.
We already have some checks on lanes

But it's a complicated subject.
(An issues too https://github.com/osm-fr/osmose-backend/issues/115 )

> - Lanes for roundabouts are a mess (ref. 
> https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/pull/2693) - we looked 
> into this and came to the conclusion to not support lanes inside 
> roundabouts or do lane anticipation for lanes in roundabouts at this 
> point in time. Maybe we can come up with some automated checks here.
As you experienced with the subject, can you propose a check ?

> - Multiple lane markers on the same lane as in left;left|right (ref. 
> https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/pull/2697) - you probably 
> have to check this in detail as in: are there situations and/or 
> countries where it makes sense to have multiple times _the same_ lane 
> marker on a single lane.
What means "left;left|right" ? And what can be wrong with this ?

> - Advanced lane features depend on lane information right before the 
> turn (e.g. Lane Anticipation ref. 
> https://twitter.com/ericg/status/757887419530248192), maybe an 
> automated check could test if there is lane information on/after e.g. 
> motorway links but not directly before them as per the lane tagging 
> scheme.
Do you talk about the transit:lanes proposed feature ?

> - Lane access tag values not matching turn lane tag values.
We do not already make inter lanes tag check yet, but make sense.

> - Impossible or strange lane configurations such as the left most lane 
> turning to the right crossing straight/none lanes (in right-sided 
> driving countries).
This one, at least, look easy.

> - Roundabout mis-tagging (ref. 
> https://github.com/Project-OSRM/osrm-backend/issues/2716): max. radius 
> / outlier nodes in roundabout way.
You suggest to detect gap between a node and the local shape of the 
roundabout ?
After micro-mapping, this is micro-fixing !


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