[OSRM-talk] Question About OSRM

Daniel Patterson daniel at mapbox.com
Mon Aug 22 16:35:38 UTC 2016


  The OSRM demo server runs the latest "in development" code - so sometimes it breaks.  It's not intended for production use.  We make reasonable efforts to keep it up and running, but, well, you get what you pay for.

  If you run your own server, then the maximum request rate will depend on the capacity of your server.  You should be able to achieve 100's of requests per second with little effort.

  As a reference point, I've been meaning to post some statistics of the demo servers.  I'll do that now.

    http://imgur.com/a/VdGwt <http://imgur.com/a/VdGwt>

  Summary: 4.9.x demo server is doing around 600,000 hits/hour and CPU usage is <10%.  5.x server is doing ~10k hits/hour and CPU usage is under 1%.


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