[OSRM-talk] Distance Matrix like current "table" - commission

Alan Grover agrover at c2logix.com
Mon Jan 4 15:56:51 UTC 2016

We need the distance matrix in addition to the time-matrix. I'm using
viaroute (I set geometry to false), and it is orders of magnitude
slower, which I'm sure is no surprise.

(We've been using the "table" service and are frankly excited at how
fast it is, even for large matrices of 1500+. Thanks!)

We'd be interested in commissioning the distance-matrix (combined with
time-matrix or not, though it seems more efficient to do it at the same

Anyone able and interested? We'd like it quite soon.

I have tried to contact MapBox and Patrick Niklaus, but I'm sure the
Holidays have interfered.

Alan Grover
agrover at c2logix.com

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