[OSRM-talk] OSRM 5.2 Release

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Wed Jun 15 10:07:00 UTC 2016


we just released OSRM 5.2.2 (yeah 2nd bug fix release..) This release
brings a number of big features like route annotation (we expose OSM
IDs of the traversed segments when passing `annotations=true`),
intersection information for detailed display of turn icons, support
for destination signs and way-name pronunciations.

You find the detailed changelog below:

# 5.2.2
  Changes from 5.2.1
  - Bugfixes:
    - Buffer overrun in tile plugin response handling

# 5.2.1
  Changes from 5.2.0
  - Bugfixes:
    - Removed debug statement that was spamming the console

# 5.2.0
   Changes from 5.1.0
   - API:
     - new parameter `annotations` for `route`, `trip` and `match`
requests.  Returns additional data about each
       coordinate along the selected/matched route line per `RouteLeg`:
         - duration of each segment
         - distance of each segment
         - OSM node ids of all segment endpoints
     - Introducing Intersections for Route Steps. This changes the API
format in multiple ways.
         - `bearing_before`/`bearing_after` of `StepManeuver` are now
deprecated and will be removed in the next major release
         - `location` of `StepManeuvers` is now deprecated and will be
removed in the next major release
         - every `RouteStep` now has property `intersections`
containing a list of `Intersection` objects.
     - Support for destination signs. New member `destinations` in
`RouteStep`, based on `destination` and `destination:ref`
     - Support for name pronunciations. New member `pronunciation` in
`RouteStep`, based on `name:pronunciation`

   - Profile changes:
     - duration parser now accepts P[n]DT[n]H[n]M[n]S, P[n]W, PTHHMMSS
and PTHH:MM:SS ISO8601 formats.
     - `result.destinations` allows you to set a way's destinations
     - `result.pronunciation` allows you to set way name pronunciations
     - `highway=motorway_link` no longer implies `oneway` as per the OSM Wiki

   - Infrastructure:
     - BREAKING: Changed the on-disk encoding of the StaticRTree to
reduce ramIndex file size. This breaks the **data format**
     - BREAKING: Intersection Classification adds a new file to the
mix (osrm.icd). This breaks the fileformat for older versions.
     - Better support for osrm-routed binary upgrade on the fly [UNIX specific]:
       - Open sockets with SO_REUSEPORT to allow multiple osrm-routed
processes serving requests from the same port.
       - Add SIGNAL_PARENT_WHEN_READY environment variable to enable
osrm-routed signal its parent with USR1 when it's running and waiting
for requests.
     - Disable http access logging via DISABLE_ACCESS_LOGGING
environment variable.

   - Guidance:
     - BREAKING: modifies the file format with new internal identifiers
     - improved detection of turning streets, not reporting new-name
in wrong situations
     - improved handling of sliproads (emit turns instead of 'take the ramp')
     - improved collapsing of instructions. Some 'new name'
instructions will be suppressed if they are without alternative and
the segment is short

   - Bugfixes
     - fixed broken summaries for very short routes

To install this release using `node-osrm` please do:

npm install osrm at 5.2.2`

To fetch the source of the C++ backend download it at


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