[OSRM-talk] Released OSRM 5.1.0

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Mon May 9 20:42:03 UTC 2016


we just released OSRM 5.1.0. This release brings a lot of bug fixes
from `5.0.2` and features that didn't make it into 5.0.0 before the
release such as three new maneuver types for better handling ramps and
roundabouts and instruction post-processing. We now utilize
destination sign information for better instructions when navigating

My special thanks goes to Michael Krasnyk who has contributed multiple
bug fixes and a great speed improvement for the coordinate snapping.
Together with some speed improvements this yields radically faster map
matching. Check it out!

Changes with regard to 5.0.0

   - API:
     - added StepManeuver type `roundabout turn`. The type indicates a
small roundabout that is treated as an intersection
        (turn right at the roundabout for first exit, go straight at
the roundabout...)
     - added StepManeuver type `on ramp` and `off ramp` to distinguish
between ramps that enter and exit a highway.
     - reduced new name instructions for trivial changes
     - combined multiple turns into a single instruction at segregated roads

   - Profile Changes:
    - introduced a suffix_list / get_name_suffix_list to specify name
suffices to be suppressed in name change announcements
    - street names are now consistently assembled for the car, bike
and walk profile as: "Name (Ref)" as in "Berlin (A5)"
    - new `car.lua` dependency `lib/destination.lua`
    - register a way's .nodes() function for use in the profile's way_function.

   - Infrastructure
    - BREAKING: reordered internal instruction types. This breaks the
**data format**
    - BREAKING: Changed the on-disk encoding of the StaticRTree for
better performance. This breaks the **data format**

   - Fixes:
    - Issue #2310: post-processing for local paths, fixes #2310
    - Issue #2309: local path looping, fixes #2309
    - Issue #2356: Make hint values optional
    - Issue #2349: Segmentation fault in some requests
    - Issue #2335: map matching was using shortest path with uturns disabled
    - Issue #2193: Fix syntax error position indicators in parameters queries
    - Fix search with u-turn
    - PhantomNode packing in MSVC now the same on other platforms
    - Summary is now not malformed when including unnamed roads
    - Emit new-name on when changing from unnamed road to named road

As always this coincides with a node-osrm release of the same version:

npm install osrm at 5.1.0


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