[OSRM-talk] Segfault with 5.4.0 osrm-extract and foot.lua

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Oct 6 06:19:11 UTC 2016


   trying to run

osrm-extract europe-latest.osm.pbf -p osrm-backend/profiles/foot.lua

from the 5.4.0 release terminates with a segfault:

[info] Using script osrm-backend/profiles/foot.lua
[info] Input file: europe-latest.osm.pbf
[info] Profile: foot.lua
[info] Threads: 12
[STXXL-MSG] STXXL v1.4.1 (prerelease/Debug)
[STXXL-MSG] Disk 'none' is allocated, space: 200000 MiB, I/O
implementation: memory queue=0 devid=0
[info] Parsing in progress..
[info] input file generated by Osmium
[info] timestamp: 2016-10-04T19:29:02Z
[info] Parsing finished after 1083.06 seconds
[info] Raw input contains 1779030664 nodes, 217734659 ways, and 3212466
[extractor] Sorting used nodes        ... ok, after 8.96221s
[extractor] Erasing duplicate nodes   ... ok, after 12.9021s
[extractor] Sorting all nodes         ... ok, after 357.738s
[extractor] Building node id map      ... ok, after 79.1193s
[extractor] setting number of nodes   ... ok
[extractor] Confirming/Writing used nodes     ... ok, after 54.7668s
[info] Processed 383867427 nodes
[extractor] Sorting edges by start    ... ok, after 112.587s
[extractor] Setting start coords      ... ok, after 103.99s
[extractor] Sorting edges by target   ... ok, after 112.214s
[extractor] Computing edge weights    ... ok, after 152.099s
[extractor] Sorting edges by renumbered start ... ok, after 107.876s
[extractor] Writing used edges       ... ok, after 24.1231s
[extractor] setting number of edges   ... ok
[info] Processed 403687206 edges
[extractor] Sorting used ways         ... ok, after 16.2582s
[extractor] Sorting 0 restriction. by from... ok, after 3e-06s
[extractor] Fixing restriction starts ... ok, after 0s
[extractor] Sorting restrictions. by to  ... ok, after 0s
[extractor] Fixing restriction ends   ... ok, after 0s
[info] usable restrictions: 0
[extractor] writing street name index ... ok, after 0.453898s
[info] extraction finished after 2273.88s
*** Error in `osrm-extract': double free or corruption (fasttop):
0x0000000000913f60 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

Running it on a smaller extract (germany) works ok. Using the "car"
profile works ok too.

Running it on the whole planet seems to run into a different issue, it
runs for three days and doesn't complete (Europe takes just a few
hours). Machine has 256G of RAM and is Ubuntu 16.04.

I'm building a debug executable to find out more about the problem. I
wonder if there's a "last known good version" - which is the last
version that somebody successfully used the "foot" profile with, on an
extract the size of Europe or larger?


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